Thirupperunthurai - Oh! what a lovely, heavenly place - is an attraction for the people as in architecture. Thirupperunthurai - commonly known as Avudaiyarkoil - is located in the east coastal area of Tamil Nadu in Pudukkottai District, near Arantangi - about 15 km. It can be reached either by train or by bus from Mayiladuthurai or from Tiruchirapalli. This lovely village town is surrounded by a river, water tanks, lakes and paddy fields.

Main God : Sri Athmanathaswamy (Lord Siva)
Main Goddess : Sri Yogambigai (Goddess Shakthi)

Sri Athmanathaswamy temple is unique in nature. There is no idol or image or statue on the main shrine. It is believed that Lord Siva is emerged in formless form in this temple. The Shakthi Peedam is also formless.

Lord Siva emerged as Guru in human form and taught Gnana to saint Manickavachakar. It is also believed that this temple was constructed by Saint Manickavachakar - the author of the eighth Thirumurai, the famous Thiruvachakam - in early Pandavas style.

The architecture and sculptures in this wonderful temple is breath-taking. It is worth to note, watch and study the sculptures of Veerabatra, Urthuvamoorthy, Narasimha moorthy, Kali, Maravan, Village girl and of-course the world famous Granite Kodungai. Those who are interested in architecture, will have a wonderful time for their studies, if they visit this temple.

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