THIRUSEINJALUR ( Senganur ) - Sri Sathyagireeshwarar Temple

Thiruseinjalur, also known as Senganur, is a holy shrine special for the Moorthy, the Thalam and the Theertham.

Location :
Located in the Tanjore district, Thiruvidaimarudur taluk. On the way from Kumbakonam to Anaikarai, at a distance of 12km, this village is located in the southern direction. The village is surrounded by beautiful fields and crops. Near to this temple, Sri Kailasanathar temple is also located.

Significance :
Once there was fight between VAAYU ( God of Air ) and AADISESHAN ( God of Snakes ) as to who is strong. Aadhiseshan held the Merumalai tightly. Vaayu blew heavily to shake Merumalai. During that time, 9 peaks fell from the mount. Among which Kandamadhanam was one from which again 7 peaks fell in different parts of the country. One of which was Peak Sathyam which fell in this village. Hence the village and the God was so named.

This village is also called Kumarapuram, Sandeswapuram and Asumaadhagavanam. It is believed that many saints and Gods reside here in the form of plants, trees and hills.

Main God : Sri Sathyagireeshwarar
Theertham : Sathya Pushkarani and Kumaratheertham

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