sholingar- Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal

This divya desam, also known as Sholingar, is situated in Madras-Bangalore Rail line. Easy way is to take brindaavan from Madras to Arakonam Junction and take Bus from there. Sholingar Railway station is 9 miles from the temple. One can take a direct bus from Madras as well. It has some moderate facilities including a big Kalyana Mandapam for organized group tours, a chattram for over night stay and several "Mess" facilities. This divya desam is also known as kadikaachalam.

It is believed that if one stays at this kshethram for atleast one kadigai (about half an hour), that person is gaurenteed mokshama. This is the only divya desam dedicated to Sri Narasimhar in Tamil Nadu. This divya desam is visited by many seeking His blessigns. He is teacher to His bhaktas who seek the removal of ignorance and a doctor to those who seek cure for various health problems.

Sri Amirtha Valli thaayaar

Sri Yoga Narasimhar

Sri vishnu purraanam and paathma puraanam offers details about this sthalam. It is believed that Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar came to this palce after hiranya vatham and stayed here for ever in this Yoga sayanam posture. It is well kown that Srinarasimha avathaaram took place at Sri Ahobilam. However, since munivars requested the presence of Sri Narasimha here on an endless timescale, The Lord Narasimha chose to stay here for ever. This is also confirmed by thirumangai aazhwaar's reference to thakkkaanai in his paasuram presented in this article. Among all the other avathaarams this and the vaamana avathaaram are the most significant becuase of the fact that they both accomplished the misssion instantly. Many of the LAkshmi Narasimha bakthaas believe that by praying to this Lord (who is an instant acccomplisher), their prayers are fulfilled instantly if not atleast an instant relief is offered without delay by this Lord.

It is a belief that, One, would attain Moksham simply by staying here for one Kadigai (period of time) ie approximately half hour in this shekthram. Hence it is named Thiruk kadigai. It is believed that Saint Vishvaamitrar meditated for one kadigai on Lord Narasimhar and obtained his title Bramha Maharishi here. The Saptha Rishis and vaamathEvar came to this place and and started penance to have darshan of Narasimha Avathaaram, and the Lord fulfilled their wish within one kadigai of penance. Hence this hill is known as Kadikaachalam.

Sage Durvaasa once sought the thiruth thuzhaay maalai (ie thulasi garland) of this perumal and danced with great joy by sporting this maalai on his own shoulder and and sirasu. There were many saadhus present at that time and were witnessing this event. Buthan or mercury one of the Nava grahams was also present in the form of a saadhu and he laughed at this sage's act. Sage Thurvaasa cursed him and lord budhan had to stay here in this sthalam and served all those sages who came with great pleasure to this shrine after taking bath in the paandava theerththam and got his curse (spell) cured or removed.

On the way to hills Garuda Aaaroodar Varadha Raaja perumal sannithi is there. It is believed that Kaanchi Varadhar offered Garuda Vaahana Sevai to Maha Achaaryar known as Thottaachaaryar here. (as he was not able to goto Kanchi that year and instead did meditate on this Lord to offer that darshn there itself). Even to-day this event is observed in Kaanchi and simulatneously here as a puase is kept at the entrance of this temple during the bramotsavam and garuda sErvai such that the Lord goes to kadigai for that instant to offer sEvai to thottaach chaaryaa. Similarly erumbiyapa was also one of the great mahaans lived in this place and served the Lord. This place is also used to be very fertile like chola naadu and was hence called as Chola Simha puram which became sholinga puram later. In pattinap paalai, it is refeerred that, Cholan karikaalan peruvaLaththaan called this district as kadigaik kOttam; when he subdivided his kingdom into 48 distritcs. This place is also one of the 74 simhaasanam established by Sri Raamaanuja in his 74 simhhaasanaas outlining the principles of Sri vishitaahthvaitham.

Another view of the hill Similar to Gunaseelam near Trichy, this place is also known for relief from possessing, Billi Sooniyam, etc. People come here and do Vratham for many days, take bath in Thakkaan kulam which is believed to have the essence of many Mooligais and climb the hills every day to pray anchaneYaa and Lord Narasimhar and get their Pini or Diseases or Theeraatha nOykaL cured here.

This place is also known for the presence of many Siththars similar to Thiruvannaamalai, Kollimalai, and Kutraalamalai. It is believed that the administration of this temple is under the Aatheenam of Sthala aachaarya purushaals of Thottaachaaryar clan.

This malai or hill is also known as Ekasilaa parvatham meaning that the entire hill is made of one stone, which is true and one can see that when they visit this shrine. There are unique methods or procedures attributed to each of the 108 sthalam as vazhipaatu niyamanam. At thiruppathi having the hair shaved and having a supra paatha darshanam are the best, in oppiliappan koil observing sravana vratham (without salt) on sravanms is the ideal. In this temple, it is the desire of the Lord that his bakthas climb the steep footsteps (which are similar to the parama patha Sobaanam) and pray the Lord.

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