uthiramerur- Varadarajar Perumal Temple Info

Uthiramerur, 32Km from Kanchippuram and 85 km from Chennai, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is called the SriSundaravaradaraja Perumal temple.

The presiding deity,Sundaravaradaraja(also known as Soundarya Varadaraja) Perumal,who is in a standing Posture,is flanked by Sri Devi and Bhoodevi.

The three-tiers that house the shrines for the presiding deity in different postures have the sanctum sanctorums built one above the other with immediate inner prakarams for the devotees to go around.

In the second tier, Lord Vishnu called Vaikunta Varadar also known as Paramapatharathan in sitting posture, is facing the east. The daily and special aradhanas arefirst performed to this deity. as one comes out of this shrine and goes around from right are Krishna and Arjuna with the avatar preaching the Bhagawad Gita to the Pandava. They face the south. Then there is arasimha in meditative posture facing the west. And Varahar is seen showering His benediction on lakshmi, who is seen praying to Him. The Lord's eyes are resting on ``Thayar'', the goddess. Here Vishnu is also called Bhuvaharagar. The deities face the north.

The third-tier has Ranganatha in a lying posture. He is lying on his right. Facing the Lord is Nanmuga Brahma. From the lotus navel of Ranganatha,Brahma is seen emerging. Near Ranganatha's feet is Lord Siva with a deer and `mazhu' (a weapon). Ranganatha blesses Markandeya with his right hand. Bhoomidevi is placed opposite Markandeya.

Uthiramerur - land of democracy

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