SreeKooram - Aadhikesava Perumal

SreeKooram, an ancient temple near Kancheepuram, is so named after one of the chief disciple of Sri Ramanjunar, Sri Koorathaalwar. The main deity here is Aadhikesava Perumal but this temple is famous for the aalwar. This temple stands as an example for the aalwar's pure devotion to his guru Ramanujar.

During ancient times when there arouse conflicts between saivism and vaishnavism, the Chola king wished Saivism should rule the world. So he decided to propagate his religion throughout the southern region. Ramanujar was a Veera Vaishnavar. So the king decided to get rid of Ramanujar.

Koorathaalwar heard this and he disguised himself as Ramanujar and went to the palace, where the king decided to pluck his eyes since he was not ready to give up vaishnavism and accept saivism. Koorathaalwar himself plucked his eyes for his guru before the king could do so.

Ramanujar and others heard this news and started praying to Vishnu to get back the aalwar's eyes. Lord Vishnu gave back aalwar's eyes in this place, which was converted to temple later. Till date, people believe that the God and the Aalwar together can cure any sort of eye problems.

Koorathaalwar was born during the tamil month Thai, with star Hastham. So every year, utsavams are conducted during his birthday. Adding to the color, 2009 happens to be the beginning of 1000th birth year of the aalwar, which the temple management have decided to celebrate in a very grand manner.

Main Deity : Aadhikesava Perumal
Thaayaar : Pankajavalli Thaayaar

Temple Location : Very near to Kancheepuram on Kancheepuram-Arakkonam Road. Buses available from Kancheepuram and Arakkonam.

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