Amaravati Temple (Amaravati)

AMARAVATI has made Andhra statue a byword among the plastic arts of the world, since the Amaravati Buddhist sculptures are world-famous as the most perfect example of what is called the Andhra or the Amaravati type of sculpture.

Amaravati Temple, which is situated in Sattenapalli Taluk of Guntur District, is also well-known as the seat of a temple to Lord Siva wor- shipped here as Lord Amareswara.

Amaravati is situated twenty miles northwest of Guntur and is connected with it by a high-quality motorable road.

One can arrive at Guntur by getting down at Vijaya- wada, which is a main Junction in the Madras-Delhi and Madras-Calcutta line and from which excellent buses take one to Guntur.

There are good bus associations from Guntur to Amaravati. At Amaravati, there is a Public Works Department Travelers Bungalow, some choultries and sheds for pilgrims' stay.

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