Palaniandavar Temple (Vadapalani)

aniandavar Temple (Vadapalani)

Palaniandavar Temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya worshipped, as Pazhani Andavar is located in Vadalapani, northern part Chennai. A picture of Lord Subramanya was brought here from Palani that became a very potent divinity, thus acquiring the name Vadapalani.

The legend has it that a devotee of Lord Subramanya by name Annaswamy Nayagar saw a beautiful picture of Lord Subramanya during his visit to Palani displayed in one of the shops. He did not have the money to buy the picture. One day Lord Subramanya appeared in the shopkeeper's dream and directed him to give the picture to Annaswamy Nayagar (also spelt as Annaswami). Annaswamy Nayagar was ecstatic to receive the picture, which he brought to his home in Chennai.

He installed this picture in his house and prayed to Lord Subramanya with this picture as the icon. Slowly he started to exhibit special powers and quickly gained an enormous following of disciples.

After the death of Annaswamy Nayagar one of his disciples by the name of Ratnavel Chettiar took over the task of continuing the work of Annaswamy Nayagar. He converted the house into a shrine and ministered to the devotees. After Ratnavel Chettiar, Bagyalinga Tambiran took over the task of maintaining the temple and the daily worships. It was during his tenure that the present temple was built. The tombs of all these three can be seen near the temple.

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