Vaidyanatha - Taliparamba

The Kanjiragat Shiva - Vaidyanatha temple is located at Taliparamba near Kannanur in northern Kerala.

In the local region, it constitutes one of the trinity of temples held in high regard, one being the Taliparamba Shiva temple and the other the Krishna temple at Trichambaram.

The Vaidyanatha temple regards Shiva as the divine physician or Vaidya (as in the Vaideeswaran temple in Tamilnadu, the Vaidyeshwara temple in Karnataka).

Shiva as enshrined here is said to bear the aspects of Aditya the sun God and hence, Sundays are considered to be of great significance in this temple.

The water from the abhishekam ceremony is offered as the prasadam here and is said to possess medicinal properties. It is believed that many suffering from diseases, find cure upon offering worship here.

It is said that in the Taliparamba temple, women were allowed to visit the temple only after the evening worship service, and that this temple was built to facilitate all visitors to offer worship at all times.

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