Marudhamalai Temple (Coimbatore)

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About 12-km away from Coimbatore railway station is the Marudhamalai temple of Lord Muruga. The temple is situated on the Marudamalai (Maruda is the colloquial form of Marunthu which means medicine; Malai means mountain) mountain and is one of the most visited temples in the region, the reason being that the presiding deity, known as "Dandayuthapani" is believed to have performed several miracles here.

In the course of the epic fight to kill Ravana, Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama, was hit by Ravana's son, Indrajit, by a 'Nagastra' (also spelt as Nagashastra), probably by arrows dipped in snake-poison or by an arrow delivering a number of serpents. When Lakshmana was lying unconscious, Rama, much perturbed at heart, requested Anjaneya to fly to the Kailas (also spelt as Kailash) Mountain in the Himalayas to bring Sanjeevini, the medicinal herb and an antidote to all poisons.

Anjaneya reached the mountain but was unable to locate the particular herb wanted. So, instead of coming back empty handed, he uprooted the Gandamarutha Mountain and carried it with him, so that the required medicine could be taken, from it. It is said that while he was carrying the mountain, a chip of it fell down at this spot and it is known today as "Marunthu - Malai".

The peculiarity of this hill is that, even now, during the rainy season, many kinds of medicinal herbs, largely used in the preparation of medicines in Ayurvedic pharmacopea, grow on it. People believe that even the bitter leaves of trees and the ordinary grass that is found on the mountain tastes sweet when cooked. Anjaneya installed a Linga (also spelt as lingam) on this mountain, which is to this day devoutly visited and worshipped by pilgrims.

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